Saturday, 20 January 2018

2018 Cat B Creative DPI Annual Competition - Results

Yet another good response from Members for this competition. From looking at these images, it is obvious that some of you are on some mental steroids. Can I have some please!

The Results

1st.  Tea Tree Lit Wine Glass  - Tom Swallow
2nd. Double Take Selfridge     - Frank Gill
3rd.  Bats in the Belfry             - Pat Osborne

As with the Landscape Comp, there were numerous 'HC' & 'C'

HC was awarded to Pat (2), Frank (3), Mike (2) & Phil

C was awarded to Paul, Julie, Carol, Phil, & Tony D.


2018 Cat. A Landscape Competition - Results

We had an exceedingly good response for this competition with a total of 51 entries. Well done everyone who submitted entries.

Here are the results

1st.   Sailboat at Cromarty              -  Tony Davis
2nd.  Abandoned Railway Bridge  -  Tony Davis
3rd.   Winter Wonderland               -  Pat Osborne

Judge John Lewis was prolific with his awarding of 'HC' and 'C' giving 16 in all.

HC was awarded to Pat (2), Mike, Steve (2), Andrew & Gary

C was awarded to Andy (3), Carol, Steve, Gary, Pat, June & Tony D.


Saturday, 30 December 2017

Friday, 15 December 2017

4th. Merit Competition 2017/8 - Results

Mono Print (Novice + Advanced Combined)

1st.  Tread Carefully                   -  Paul Randell
2nd. Snowdonia                          -  Tom Swallow
3rd.  Seamstress                          -  David Williams
HC   Mary                                   -  Steve Mills
C      Battle Priory                       -  David Williams

Colour Print (Novice + Advanced Combined)

1st.  Ballooon                              -  Tom Swallow
2nd. Loyalist                               -  Irene Mills
3rd.  Lighthouse Solway Firth    -  Phil Gibson
HC   Morning Blues                    -  Andy Askey
C     Cockerel                               -  Steve Mills
        Battle scarred                       -  Steve Mills
        Boy Racer                            -  Pat Osborne

DPI Novice

1st.  Louise Wears her Party Dress -  Mike Yates
2nd. Steven Wants to be Famous    -  Mike Yates
3rd.  Ready for a Rainy Day            -  Irene Mills
C      Winderemere                           -  Allan Giles

DPI Advanced

1st.  Mother's Talk                          -  Paul Randell
2nd. Stunning View                        -  Tom Swallow
3rd.  Tree & Hay                             -  Phil Gibson
HC   Hollyhock                               -  Steve Mills
C      Onward Christian Soldiers     -  Phil Gibson

Thanks to All who submitted entries and those who helped the evening go smoothly.

David Williams

Taking the camera out in the snow

Simon and I went over to Attingham Park on the first snowy day. There was more snow Shropshire way than here, so the journey wasn't too bad. As we walked through the grounds we could see a low lying mist over the fields which added to a magical feel. The deer were gathering at the top of the hill. As I hoped they stood out from the snow much better than the normal grassland background. The mist we saw rolled eerily up the hill, covered us and the deer and then faded away. It was a most unusual experience and made for some interesting shots. Best of all we got the car out of the car park without a push.

The next morning there was a heavy snowfall at home. After clearing the drive on Monday (before dawn!) I used the last of the blue hour to try traffic trails out. Thanks to Gary for his recent workshop. There wasn't really enough traffic, but an obliging van came along,indicated and pulled up down the road, so I got one decent shot. 

Pat Osborne

Monday, 4 December 2017

3rd. Merit Competition 2017/8 - Results

Better late than never, here are the results for the 3rd. Merit Competition.

Mono (Advanced & Novice Combined)

1st.   Mountain Road                    -  Andy Askey
2nd.  Muddy Ride                        -  John McNaughton
3rd.   Winston Takes a Break       -  Mervyn Glover
HC    Waterfall                             -  Julie Pegg
          The Blue Mosque               -  Carol Barrett
          The Good, Bad & Ugly      -  Carol Barrett
C       Attingham Park                   -  Julie Pegg
          Kirkjufell Foss                    -  Andy Askey
          Walking Under the Bridge  -  John McNaughton

Colour Novice

1st.  Broken Pots                            -  Julie Pegg
2nd. Bird of Prey                            -  Julie Pegg
3rd.  Up for Air                               -  Allan Giles
HC   Peony                                      -  Irene Mills
C      Lasers at Marina Bay             -  Pat Osborne
        The Reader                              -  Carol Barrett
        Modern Technology               -  Phil Gibson

Colour Advanced

1st.  Ebb Tide                                  -  Andy Askey
2nd. Mamhood                                -  Carol Barrett
3rd.  Omar                                       -  Andrew Barrett
HC   Jumping High                         -  John McNaughton
         Light on the Steps                  -  Steve Mills
         It's Going to be a Long Night -  John McNaughton

Novice DPI

1st.  Plot 19                                       -  Julie Pegg
2nd. Sunflower                                  -  Irene Mills
3rd.  Coastal Cottage                         -  June Hurley
HC   Simple Pleasure                         -  Edel Clark
         Wild Orchid                              -  June Hurley
C      Feeding Time                            -  Edel Clark
        Spring Lamb                              -  Irene Mills

Advanced DPI

1st.  Autumn Reflection                     -  Phil Gibson
2nd. Pulling Power                             -  Paul Randell
3rd.  Well Done, Mate                        -  Pat Osborne
HC   Gone to the Dogs                        -  Jean Tansley
        Home                                           -  Carol Barrett
        Peek-a-Boo                                  -  Paul Randell
        Reflections at Buttermere            -  Tom Swallow
C     An Odd Shape                              -  Tony Davis
        Firefighter Instructor                    -  John McNaughton
        Sitting Proud                                -  John McNaughton

Well Done to all the above.

And Thank You Pat for standing in for me.


Saturday, 28 October 2017

2nd. Merit Competition 2017/8 Results

Here are the results of this competition adjudicated over by Graham Walton.

MONO (Combined Novice & Advanced)

1st.  White Sails                                  Steve Mills
2nd. Playing in all Weathers               John McNaughton
3rd.  Winter's Day, Ogwyn Valley      Tom Swallow
HC   Windy Day, Chesterton Mill       Tom Swallow
C      Wet Race                                     Allan Giles
C      Mommy's Boy                             Paul Randell

COLOUR (Novice)

1st.   Rhythm in Red                              June Hurley
2nd.  Rigged for Action                         Allan Giles
3rd.   Studio Glass                                  Irene Mills
HC    How Lovable are You                   Julie Pegg

COLOUR (Advanced)

1st.   A Little Snack                                George Foster
2nd.  Tree Reflection                              Phil Gibson
3rd.   Hockey Player                               John McNaughton
HC    Gathering Storm                            Phil Gibson
HC    Padley Gorge - Hidden Gem         Tom Swallow
C       Crabby Rocks                                Pat Osborne
C       Curlew                                           Jean Tansley

DPI (Novice)

1st.  Dahlia                                               Irene Mills
2nd. Yesteryear Volley of Fire                Mike Yates
3rd.  Life Saver                                        June Hurley
HC    Contemplation                                Irene Mills

DPI (Advanced)

1st.  High Tatras                                       Jean Tansley
2nd. Dawn Flight                                      Tom Swallow
3rd.  Sepia Study                                       Steve Mills
HC   Making Hay While the Sun Shines   Tony Davis
HC   Cascading Waters                              Paul Randell
C      Banded Demoiselle                           George Foster
C      St. Mary's Lighthouse                        Tony Davis

Congratulations to ALL Entrants. You provided stunning images. It is encouraging to see a Novice featuring on the Leader Board of a combined competition.

And THANK YOU to all those people who helped me muddle through by setting up and dismantling all the equipment.

I will be taking a much needed break when the next Competition is held on November 23rd. So I'm looking for a Volunteer to show how it should be done. Don't worry, I'll collate all the images and prepare the paperwork. All you have to do is put the images on the light box. Luckily I have a willing volunteer to operate the demon laptop. Please let me know if you're up for it.

However, it does mean there can be NO late entries, (You know who you are), so get everything ready early please.


Friday, 29 September 2017

1st. Merit Competition 2017

Here are the results from our first competition of the new season.The few number of Novice entries meant that all Categories were for combined Groups.

Mono Prints

1st.   Doorstep Chanteur           -  David Williams
2nd.  Cutting Thro' the Field     -  Paul Randall
3rd.   You Listening to Me        -  Paul Randall
HC    Race to the Finish            -  John McNaughton
HC    Sunset over the Sea          -  Julie Pegg*
C       The Sadness of Begging   -  Mike Yates*
C       Still Life Study                 -  Steve Mills

Colour Prints

1st.    Glorious Game                     -  John McNaughton
2nd.   Approaching Bad Weather  -  Tom Swallow
3rd.   Bristol Balloon Festival        -  Tom Swallow
HC    Wine O'clock                        -  Pat Osborne
HC    Griffin Mantis                       -  Jean Tansley
C       Tamar                                    -  Mike Yates*
C       Red Kite in Flight                 -  Andrew Barrett
C       Misty Landscape                   -  Carol Barrett


1st.   St. Mary's Lighthouse              -  Tony Davis
2nd.  Keeping Time                          -  Paul Randall
3rd    Sidecar Action                         -  Paul Randall
HC    Female Sparrowhawk              -  Andrew Barrett
HC    Redcoat                                    -  Steve Mills
C       Pre- Raphaelite Lady               -  Mike Yates*
C       Gypsy Child                             -  Carol Barrett
C       Dead Flower                             -  Julie Pegg*

Congratulations to all Entrants for producing such marvellous images.
* Special congratulations to these Novice Group entrants. They will receive 1st. & 2nd. Place points in accordance with the recent changes to the Competition Rules.

Finally, THANK YOU to all those who helped during the evening. Couldn't have done it without you.

David Williams

Friday, 15 September 2017

Black Light

Following the 'eventful' session last night, here are the fruits of my efforts.

Now to try to reproduce the effect at home.

David Williams

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Images of Norway

Anne and I were fortunate to be able to spend a week in the Norwegian Fjords a week or so ago. It is a beautiful place made very much better by the fact that we were incredibly lucky with the weather. After three weeks of rain in some of the places we visited, it started to dry up a couple of days before we arrived, and we didn’t see a drop of rain and had blue skies and warm sunshine throughout.

Pete Bissell

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pat the Petrolhead

Who thought Pat was a Petrolhead?

Simon and I went to Coventry Motofest on Sunday to watch the boy racers. Last year I was lucky and found a gap in the fence to poke my lens through. In case it wasn't there this year Simon carried a pair of steps for me, we did feel a daft and got some funny looks from people. The steps weren't really high enough and eventually my gap became free. I tried fast shutter speeds 1/250s and slow panning 1/15 -1/30s. The most successful shots have something to convey movement, either blur or smoke. Otherwise the cars look like they were parked, not whizzing by.

I spoke to the wife of the SCR car; she pinched my space to video him. I sent them some of my pictures of his car. I was thrilled that he liked them and wants to put some on his social media. He suggested I watermark them and add copyright details, so I have done that this morning in Lightroom. Fortunately my photo magazine had an article on how to do it this month. I took inspiration for my logo from Gary's that I saw on the DVD he made for my friend Geeta after the portrait day.

Free event, £1 to park. What is not to like? Noise, smoke and getting covered in rubber dust!

Pat Osborne

Friday, 12 May 2017

Twitcher Alert

I've recently taken up wildlife photography again and thought you might like to see these pictures

Graham Cherry

Nice to see a different genre, Thanks Graham -