Friday, 3 March 2017

Monochrome Prints and Panel Competition Results

Monochrome Prints

1st:  Buttermere Trees    Andy Askey
2nd: EC3                        Jean Tansley
3rd: Urban Skateboard   John McNaughton
HC: Shamrock & Tender Bill Lakin
C:    Good on Ya Girl       Pat Osborne
C:    Morning Calm          Andy Askey
C:    Pacific Coast            David Galbraith
C:    The Printer               Paul Randall

Monochrome Panel

1st:  Seed Heads          Bill Lakin
2nd: Bake-o-lite  Girl     Pat Osborne
3rd:  Grand Central       Allen Giles
HC:  In Remembrance  Tom Swallow
C:    Working Out          Pat Osborne
C:    Salisbury in Art      Allan Giles

It was pleasing to note that the Judge commented on the high quality of the entries.
Well Done everyone.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Birmingham Walkabout

On Sunday 5th. Feb., Gary arranged a walkabout in Birmingham to give us a chance to try Street Photography. There was a good turnout despite the misty freezing weather. It was particularly good that we were joined by John Hartshorne on his first venture after his recent illness.

The following are some of my efforts. Because of the lighting conditions, I've decided to convert some to mono. Please let me know how I could improve them either at the Club or via the Blog

David Williams

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Friday, 20 January 2017

Class A Annual Competition Results

1st: Capel Curig Morning  -  Gary Allkins

2nd: Misty Morning           -  Tom Swallow

3rd:  First LIght, Snake River, Wyoming -  David Galbraith

HC: Log Jam, Pacific Coast, Washington State -  David Galbraith

C: If you go down in the woods today... -  David Galbraith

C: Reflections -  Tom Swallow

C: Cromer Pier -  Graham Cherry

Class B Annual Competition Results

1st: Planet Oz
Pat Osborne

2nd: Screaming Pop Art
Gary Allkins

3rd: Steampunk Snail
Pat Osborne

HC: Study in Glass
Bill Lakin

C: Surfing the Net
Rich Marsden

C: March of the Penguins
Tom Swallow

C: Multi-Dancer
Gary Allkins

Sunday, 18 December 2016

4th. Merit Competition Advanced Colour & Mono Print Results


1st.  Power Boat Action - Paul Randell
2nd. Ashness Bridge      - Andy Askey
3rd.  By the Riverbank   - Andy Askey
HC   Looking Up            - David Williams
C      Windswept Tor       - Bill Lakin


1st.  Catch me if you can           - Paul Randell
2nd  Heather in the Dales          - Jean Tansley
3rd   Dawn over Derwentwater - Andy Askey
HC   Frosty Morning                 - Paul Randell
C      Newcastle Quay                - John Mc Naughton
C      Iceland National Park       - Jean Tansley

Sunday, 11 December 2016

4th. Merit Colour Print Results - Novice

1st: Heavenly Light
Allan Giles
2nd: Barges at Twilight - Mike Yates
C: What's Out There
Steve Capewell

3rd: Double Dip
Pat Osborne

HC: It Rains in Scarborough - Mike Gray

C: Bluebell Hike
Pat Osborne

4th. Merit Competition Mono Results - Novice

1st: Archival Duster
Pat Osborne
3rd: Storm Central
Allan Giles
HC: Soul Searching
Allan Giles
C: Clipper at Peace
Pat Osborne

2nd: When I Grow Up Mum - Mike Yates

Friday, 9 December 2016

2016/7 Merit Competition Grand Results

DPI Novice

1st.  Pat Osborne    46pts
2nd. Allan Giles       21pts
3rd.  Mike Yates      12pts

DPI Advanced

1st.  Jean Tansley   23pts
2nd. Andy Askey     20pts
3rd.  Gary Allkins     19pts

Mono Print Novice

1st.  Pat Osborne     24pts
2nd. Allan Giles        23pts
        Mike Yates       23pts

Mono Print Advanced

1st.  Andy Askey       27pts
2nd. Gary Allkins      25pts
3rd   Bill Lakin           18pts
        Tom Swallow    18pts

Colour Print Novice

1st.  Pat Osborne       31pts
2nd. Allan Giles          22pts
3rd   Mike Yates         21pts

Colour Print Advanced

1st.  Paul Randall        32pts
2nd. Jean Tansley       26pts
3rd.  Andy Askey         21pts

Congratulations to everyone. It has been a pleasure to gaze upon all the entries.

David Williams (unplaced)

4th. Merit DPI Advanced Results

1st: Lazy Day
Jean Tansley

2nd: Up Close & Furry
Tony Davis

3rd: Buttermere
Tom Swallow

HC: Nyrene
Bill Lakin

C: Crummockwater
Tom Swallow

C: Another Rainy Evening
Andy Askey